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20 good topics for argumentative research papers

To produce good argumentative writing requires a strong understanding of both sides of an argument as well as the writing ability to properly explain them both. This makes it a wonderful opportunity for budding writers to show their skill and objectivity. In crafting write topic try to follow these three rules.

Stay Relevant

A good topic should be of some relevance to the world as it exists now even if it draws elements from past events or speculates about the future.

Be Careful

Some topics are taboo even in the most liberal environments and attempting to address them anyway may end up doing more harm than good.

Be interesting

A simple change in wording can result in a topic being far more interesting and engaging to the typical reader. Use those tricks to your advantage.

In keeping with the rules above, here are 20 topics that you can consider:

  1. Can naturopathic medicine provide a useful alternative to traditional medicine?
  2. Should the reduction of sugar content be a legal requirement of food companies?
  3. Can the world survive entirely on renewable energy?
  4. Should responsible children be encouraged to legally emancipate themselves from irresponsible or abusive parents?
  5. Should competent criminals be wooed as law enforcement consultants?
  6. Should skin care companies be mandated to remove known carcinogens from their ingredients?
  7. Does greenery significantly reduce anxiety symptoms in those so prone?
  8. To what extent is our lack of acceptance of body hair culturally motivated by television?
  9. Should pets be allowed to inherit?
  10. Will there ever be peace on Earth?
  11. Can human beings ever be trusted to behave rationally without the need of laws?
  12. Should high levels of physical activity become a mandatory experience?
  13. Will the education system ever be reduced into a downloadable set of instructions for direct usage?
  14. Can animal welfare ever be given precedence over human welfare?
  15. Should systems exist that allow disgruntled citizens to peacefully overthrow their governments before elections are constitutionally due?
  16. Is murder ever not murder?
  17. Should adults of all ages, martial statuses genders and sexual orientations be legally allowed to adopt?
  18. Can natural building techniques solve the problem of landfills?
  19. Are endangered species ever ‘overprotected’?
  20. Should trees that have stood for centuries receive legal protection from loggers?

The best thing about argumentative essays is that there is no need to definitively pick a side. You can feel free to explore the ponts in either direction without ever revealing your own thoughts on the matter.

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