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A List of Easy Research Paper Topic Ideas for College

If the due date is right around the corner and you haven’t even started working on your essay, you will need to find an easy but interesting topic. Use the following ideas when you find yourself in a situation like this:

  1. Should some types of advertising be banned?
  2. You will need to choose the reason for banning a particular type of ads. This can be religion, morals, gender roles, unhealthy food propaganda, etc.

  3. Do current anti-terrorist measures promote terrorism instead of stop it?
  4. In this paper, you should list the measures taken by some country to prevent terrorist attacks and explain how they affect society. Determine whether the discrimination of national minorities caused by drawing the country’s attention to terrorist groups push people to become extremists.

  5. Should companies from developed countries be made to pay workers from the underdeveloped countries more?
  6. Analyze the economic effects of this action. You will also need to assess the financial situation in the underdeveloped country of your choice, and determine whether the salaries that the workers at these factories get are sufficient to support themselves and their families.

  7. Will changing divorce laws reduce the number of broken marriages?
  8. Analyze the current divorce laws in your state and try to predict whether making it harder to legally break off from a marriage can help solve the problem of divorces.

  9. Do felons deserve the right to vote?
  10. Being allowed to vote is every citizen’s constitutional right. In this essay, you should determine whether this right needs to be revoked from convicted criminals. To make the paper more interesting, you can focus on the issue of prisoners being forced to vote for certain candidates.

  11. The status of illegal immigrants in our society.
  12. Do some research to find real stories; complement them with the laws that should protect the rights of all human beings. Offer your solution to the problem of illegal immigrants.

  13. Medical malpractice insurance should be made more available.
  14. Offer statistics that show how many cases of malpractice result in patients’ deaths. Prove that insurance should be available to everyone.

  15. Models promote anorexia.
  16. This paper should explain the causes of anorexia and describe the effects of seeing overtly thin models has on emotionally unstable teens.

  17. Are parents responsible for their children becoming criminals?
  18. Offer your answer to the age-old “nature vs. nurture” question.

  19. Will using wind energy save the world from the energy crisis?
  20. Determine whether this type of energy is indeed efficient and cheap.

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