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Picking up strong academic topics for educational research papers

The means of acquiring education have become highly varied over the past few decades even when one considers the revolutions in the field that brough Prussian style education to the masses a little over two centuries ago. As someone studying education, there are many ways to approach your research and the following are a few strong topics to consider.

Emotional State and the Formation of Memories

A paper based on this topic could go into the roles of various chemicals in aiding or hindering the acquisition of memory. Adrenalin may excite us but it can cause us to remember things slightly inaccurately. The stress suffered by marginalized populations in the education system can be a part of this research.

Linking Topics: Diversification od Subjects for Deeper Learning

Students gain a much better understanding of the subject matter they are investigating if they can relate it to things they already know or if they learn it in conjunction with other things. This research paper could cover the reasons for this and how this can be applied at all levels of learning.

Music Education: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Learning at the Pre-Elementary Level

To infants and children under the ager of 5, music can be one of the most powerful ways to convey information. It can help in language learning, mathematics, science and just about every field one might approach at that age. This paper could investigate how much of the preschool curriculum can practically be delivered via song.

Vocational Learning for Profitable Careers

Previous generations of students were heavily focused on academic fields at school. These were seen as more respectable and profitable. Modern job markets have begun to swing in the other direction however with vocational jobs being in much higher demand. This paper can discuss the intersection between both vocational and academic paths and how they lead to profitable careers.

Language Acquisition in Adulthood: Achieving Indistinguishable Native Speech

As brain imaging technology increases, more is learned about what the brain can do at various ages and why. This research paper can detail reasons for the success of polyglots who began learning foreign languages as adults and still have acquired native level fluency and pronunciation.

Crowd-Learning: The MOOC Based Education Environment

With courses from most fields now available for free online, this research can uncover how the education landscape is changing and speculate on how it may end up.

These papers are a mere fraction of what you can attempt given the current state of education. If they relate to another topic that is more important to you, include that to create a paper you feel like writing.

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