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How To Use References In A Research Paper: Helpful Guidelines

Writing research papers is one of the most critical tasks that students complete during their academic careers. They have to stay critical and objective during the entire process so that they can learn and improve their performance. Before you go ahead and attempt such a paper, you should read expert written papers by various authors. It is better that you read assignments relevant to your subject but even if you read others, it is going to be helpful. You are only trying to get a sense of the structure, style, tone and citation of your paper. This has got nothing to do with the subject itself. So if you are having trouble in using references in a term paper, you should start by seeing how others do it. When you read and review the work of professional authors, you get to learn a lot and you set high standards for the quality of your paper

Using references in a research paper

If you are to include references in your paper and you are not sure how to do it, then you should keep several things in your mind. You should start by trying on your own but if that does not help, you may even try other alternatives. Here is what to do when writing your paper and entering references

The style manual you are following

You will see that different style manuals exist for academic papers. You may use APA, MLA, Chicago or any other style based on the instructions from your teacher and the requirements of your subject. Confirm from your teacher if they want you to follow a standard format or give you custom requirements. It is important to have this uniformity in the papers. Different manuals will have different requirements for the references and citations

The preferences from your teacher

Ask your teacher if they have any particular instructions about the referencing and citation section. You can create a bibliography or work with footnotes depending on what your teacher prefers

The requirements of the subject

See if there is any particular instruction about the subject that you have to keep in mind while quoting

Get help from your fellows

Ask your friends to guide you

Download a sample

Follow a sample for the referencing

Include all the sources you have used

Never miss any source that you have used or you will have plagiarism in your paper

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