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Finding an Appropriate Topic for a Five-Page Research Paper

There are a number of difficult tasks that must be completed to write an excellent five-page research paper. Surprisingly, the hardest part for many students is choosing an appropriate topic. Here are some tips to remember for choosing a research paper topic, as well as some topic ideas to get you started.

  • #1: Choose a topic related to your course
  • You should always select a topic that is related to your area of study. The exception to this is English, where teachers may just want you to choose a research paper topic that you are interested in. Always refer to their preferences to get a good grade on our paper.

  • #2: Choose a topic of an appropriate length
  • One of the biggest challenges is choosing a topic that is the right length. Five pages is long, but it is not so long that you would be able to write an overly-detailed essay.

  • #3: Know the goal of your paper
  • It is very likely that your teacher will instruct you to write a persuasive essay, an exploratory essay, or have other requirements. Be sure to consider these when choosing your topic. For example, it would be very hard to write a persuasive paper on the life cycle of a butterfly.

  • #4: Ask for approval when necessary
  • If it is required, ask your teacher before deciding on your final topic. Do this well in advance of when the paper is actually due. You can also ask your professor if you have any doubts about your research paper topic and its appropriateness.

Topic Ideas

If you have trouble getting started, here are some good topics for a five-page paper, created by mypaperdone.com writing professionals:

  1. Choose an animal or plant that has adapted to survive. Explore how it has adapted and what the reasons may be for its adaptation. Is it better or worse off than the rest of its species?
  2. Explore creativity in schools. What inspires creativity? Do students have enough freedom to be creative at school?
  3. Explore the controversial topic of immigration to America. Are immigrants entitled to welfare benefits and public education? Explain your position.
  4. Explore how technology has changed family relationships. Do families know more about each other or less? Has it made communication better or worse?
  5. Playing college football is an important part of a professional football player’s career. Should they get paid to do this? Consider if interns get paid. Explain your opinion.

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