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Avoiding banality: What the most popular research paper topics are

Research paper topics that have been exhausted by former (and current) students are best avoided due to their tendency to be predictable. These topics are not necessarily unimportant, but they do possess a reputation of being over popular with students who aren’t willing to put a bit of thought into their choice. Professors may cringe if they see the following topics on your cover page:

Topics to avoid

Abortion: The abortion issue, though a very important one, is usually a topic that will at some point be assigned to students. Try not to pick this topic yourself unless you have a real ace up your sleeve about the content.

The gap year: Most professors are tired of hearing the gap year argument. It’s been discussed enough by other students, so rather keep this one to yourself.

The war in Iraq: Another topic that has trended on talk shows and been expressed by celebrities; the US involvement in the middle east is a subject that should either incorporate very new developments, or be left alone for now.

Climate change: A large number of people are under the impression that global warming is a hyped-up topic that has been exaggerated by the media. If you insist on writing your research paper on this, make sure your professor isn’t one of them.

Steroids: This topic has crept its way into the majority of internet topic suggestion sites. While the moral and health implications of steroid use may be interesting to some, it is often an overdone topic. For the sake of originality, cross this one off your list.

World War II: Be careful when choosing a WWII topic for your history research paper. Though there are many aspects that have been largely unexplored, there are those that have also been over explored. To be original, narrow your WWII topic down to something that is seldom discussed and base your research paper on that instead.

Black holes: Your physics teacher is probably so sick of reading about black holes. Spare him or her the agony and skip this one next time.

Firearm laws: You can find literally hundreds of opinionated literature on whether or not guns are moral or not. The issue has been exhausted to the point of frustration and should rather be avoided unless you have something very original to say about the matter.

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