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What Are The Main Rules For APA Format?

Have you been assigned a paper for psychology class? If you have then you will be expected to write using the APA format to properly list your references. If you are not familiar with the rules of APA you will find that they are quite specific. You will have to learning the writing style if you want to get top grades on your psychology class paper. Although it may take some practice to master the rules of APA you will find that learning them will serve you well throughout your academic career.

APA stands for the American Psychological Association (APA) and is used in academic writing to properly cite sources. Although originally required for psychology themed papers, APA is also used for education and social science papers- this is something important to keep in mind if you ever wondering what writing format to use.

APA has some specific rules that you must follow if you want to use it correctly. Here are just a few. For a complete guide you should purchase an APA manual or textbook.

Important Formatting Rules For APA

The Title Page- the page must have a heading, title, author name, and school name. It should also include the class and instructor for writing assignments.

The Abstract- the abstract is a brief summarization of the paper’s content. With APA format your abstract should be no more than 300 words.

The Body- an APA body should contain the essay. It should be broken into sections and separate paragraphs.

The Reference Page- there should be a reference page for your APA. It must include all of the research resources you have used for your essay.

These are just the basic components of an APA research paper. There are also some extremely specific rules for citing different source types that you will be expected to learn. It is important that students study these so that they know how to properly note their references within the criteria of APA. If you are ever in doubt make sure that you double check. Losing grades on your writing assignments for source citing errors is unfortunate.

Mastering the APA format is useful even if you are not studying psychology. It is a good way to style any academic paper to assure that the sources are listed accurately and the information is formally presented. Get expert writing help from WriterForMyPaper if you're not sure you can handle it fast.

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