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How to write a topic sentence for a research paper

Even if you have never properly written an essay, you should know what a topic sentence is, because it’s one of the first sentences written. If your essay is poorly written, it is usually because it’s the most important thing you have forgotten by the time you reach the end of your first paragraph. The focus it provides is essential to an organized essay. Don’t allow for this to happen!

Keep it topical

  • Make sure you have a topic that is worth discussing. Typically current events are a good choice, because their will be plenty of information to be found.
  • Vet your sources. Your topic and thesis won’t be valid if your information is inaccurate, so make sure you have credible sources to prevent becoming irrelevant.

The topic sentence will not only help you, the writer, keep your focus. It will also help the reader identify what your focus is.

Here’s the anatomy of a topic sentence.

  • Aside from stating the topic, this sentence will also have an emphasis, something specific that will show your focus for this paragraph.
  • This emphasis will hint at as well as support your thesis.
  • Factual evidence needs to begin to be presented.

A good topic sentence has earned the reader’s interest and succinctly tied in with the thesis. But you also need to start presenting some factual evidence for the sake of validity.

Where are you going with this?

  • Begin to indicate where you sourced your information from and how it supports your thesis.
  • You have to be able to justify your argument, so make sure your evidence and your argument are in synch.

The most difficult part of writing a solid topic sentence for an essay is staying focused with the understanding that you will have several pieces of evidence.

Be “specifically vague”

  • Organization plays a key role in writing a solid essay, and it starts, well, from the start.
  • Whether or not you believe you control your own destiny, when it comes to your essay, take advantage of knowing where you are going, for once in your life.
  • Having the information/evidence you will use to prove your argument is everything. It lets you know where, (and how far) you are going.
  • This knowledge gives you the control to decide how to phrase your topic sentence and measure the tone and timing it will create.

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