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Who Can Explain Me What A Research Proposal Paper Is

A research proposal is a one to two page paper that explains what kind of research that you are going to be doing for your research paper.  Proposals are usually done for theses and dissertations because then it tells the instructors or advisors what you will be working on and then they can approve or deny your proposal.  Research proposals work kind of the same way, you do your research and then compile it into a paper that will explain what your doing.  There are some important things that you have to include in your research proposal; here is the list that you have to include.

What To Include

  • As in any research paper or essay, you start out with your introduction.  Here you will tell the instructor briefly what you are doing for your research paper.  You want this to grab their attention and explain the why, what, where, and how of your research.
  • Next you will tell them about your research hypothesis.  Tell them exactly what you want to prove with your research. Here you want to include the discipline, sub discipline, and even a second discipline and sub discipline.
  • Now you want to tell them definitions that pertain to the topic that you are doing your research on.  Telling them the definitions will help them see that you have an understanding of the research.
  • Tell them your research plan, you want to be very specific on this part because if you don’t know what your are doing or have a clear idea of your research then you might not get your research proposal approved, which means starting all over again.
  • Since you have all of your research done, now you want to convey your conclusion to the research.  You want to tell them exactly what you think will be the outcome of your research.  This is a prediction and should have some facts to back it up and if you don’t get exactly what you want once you do the research later, you can use this as an example of what you thought was going to happen and then what did.

A research proposal takes just as much work as writing a research paper.  You still have to do your research to write it as well.  Having well researched material for your research proposal will ensure that you have a higher chance of it getting approved.

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