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What Are the Best Topics to Write a Research Paper on

A good research paper topic is a solid, accessible foundation for future research. Unless it is scholarly, argumentative, and interesting to its writer; the research built on it has a high risk of falling apart. Here is a list of research paper topics in various areas such as business, psychology, medicine, history, and literature that meet the stated above requirements. The only thing that is left for you to do is to choose the one that appeals to you most:

  1. Internet advertising: how can you protect children from viewing inappropriate content?
  2. Study the technologies of Internet advertising from spam to ad bots, and the ways they can harm children. Enumerate and describe the ways to eliminate them.

  3. Global environmental protection: do some countries have the rights to impose environmental norms on other nations?
  4. Explore the state of the global environment. Make a list of countries that produce the greatest amount of pollution and the ways they are punished for it.

  5. Advertising drugs on TV: what are the possible negative consequences?
  6. State whether it is necessary to advertise drugs at all. Enumerate possible negative aftereffects of wrong drug advertising on TV.

  7. Ebola virus: is it the new threat to humanity?
  8. Explore the history and origin of this deadly virus and the speed of its spreading. Compare it to other deadly infections such as AIDS and A/H1N1.

  9. Cell memory: a scientific legend or reality?
  10. Trace back to the birth of the theory; study the proof of its existence.

  11. Robin Williams and Parkinson disease: was suicide inevitable?
  12. Explore the symptoms of the disease and the ways to treat it. State whether it is possible for a person suffering from it to have a successful acting career.

  13. Panic attacks: is there really anything to be afraid of?
  14. Study the sex and age groups of people who suffer from this condition the most, and the factors that can aggravate it.

  15. The portrayal of sociopaths in media: is the disease really so frightening?
  16. Explore the features sociopathic movie characters have, as well as the modes of their behaviors. Trace a change that can be observed over the last ten years (House MD vs Sherlock).

  17. Sexual orientation: can pop culture really dictate it?
  18. Write about factors that can determine sexual orientation and the influence pop culture has on it.

  19. Conflict in Libya: who benefited from it, according to mass media?
  20. Look through various sources of information about the war conflict such as newspaper articles and news programs, and make a list of the parties involved.

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