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Composing A Research Paper: A Reference Guide For College Students

A research paper is a vital piece of work in the life of college students, most of the time on which the fate of their degree largely depends. The eligibility and credentials of a college student’s hard work and level of knowledge to finally receive the degree is often tested and determined through the presentation, quality of the content of the investigative paper, and its subject. Now, the writing technique of an investigative paper is as important as the facts, figures and findings of the investigative work, which is usually being conducted by a college student in the course of 3-4 years of sheer hard work. Now, it is evident that the presentation and composition of an academic investigative paper are crucial and involve a lot of hard work along with a few tricks and techniques in order to make an impression. Side by side, it is also to be kept in mind by a college student to incorporate useful and genuine facts and figures into the research paper. Thus, the content should be high quality and 100% genuine concept-wise and research-wise. In this article, we will discuss, in brief, various techniques of composing an academic investigative piece that can serve as a reference guide for college students.

Tips and techniques for composing an impressive academic investigative writing piece:

  • Thorough research should be conducted before starting to write the paper, and the student must have a crystal clear idea about his/her work and an in-depth knowledge of the subject/topic of the study.
  • The student should possess a good command over the writing language and specific knowledge about the writing pattern and format of an academic research paper. A typical academic investigative paper has the following format: Title/Author name and other details, content, introduction, body (which contains mode and method of investigation, facts and figures), result or outcome, discussion, conclusion, references and bibliography/ citations.
  • It should always be kept in mind that the content should be original, and the writing must be totally free from any grammatical errors. Also, special attention is to be given towards, font style, size, spacing between the lines and paragraphs and formatting of the pages.
  • The language of the academic paper must be very clear cut, specific, to the point and straightforward. In a nutshell, it should be legible and understandable.

Following the rules and techniques mentioned above should help a student in getting an idea about how to compose a research paper in an effective and an impressive manner.

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