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Research Paper Topics On Law: 25 Unique Suggestions

Students in law must be thoughtful while looking for the research paper topics in law. They should be aware of several complicated legal terms, and jargons that are needed to prepare papers. There are various disciplines in law, and one must be particular while choosing for the particular law topic to write research papers.

Some of the topics are:

  1. The emergence of cybercrime and the need for stricter cyber security laws
  2. The operational dynamics of e-businesses: A case study of four e-commerce giants from their inception to current market standing
  3. The moral and ethical principle of cyber law: Is the cyber world governed by the same principles as he physical world
  4. A comparative analysis of online retail companies: The methods adopted by online retail companies to evade taxation in the United States
  5. The process of outsourcing web development to third world countries: The brief love story between the United States and India
  6. The change in white collar crimes in the stock market between 1990 and 2015
  7. The legal principles of drinking age: If 16 year olds can drive, why can they drink?
  8. The legal principles of capital punishment
  9. The legality of the insanity defense: The subjective interpretation of incompetence
  10. The constitutionality of the Patriot Acts: National security versus the right to privacy
  11. The laws governing police brutality: How far should police be allowed to go in terms of infliction of physical force
  12. The pursuit of legalization of Marijuana: A century of discovery with no result
  13. The implications of mandatory minimum sentencing
  14. The legal principles involved in assisted suicide: If one choses not to live, why cant they not chose to not live
  15. The right to vote of imprisoned criminals: Do imprisoned criminals loose their constitutional rights to universal suffrage?
  16. The laws governing performance enhancing drugs in various sports
  17. The legal principles involved in corporal punishment: How should parent and teacher handle the certain loose implications of the laws regarding corporal punishment
  18. The Chinese real property law: The debate of a complex law that has different implications for different land owners
  19. The evolution of tort law in modern society: The society has now changed, does the implication of tort laws change as well?
  20. The evolution of the laws of inheritance: The definition of inheritance as a paradigm shift between centuries
  21. The right to peaceful congregation: The debate of the right to peaceful protests
  22. The legality of subjective interpretation of law of judges
  23. The right of the children to education
  24. The legality of laws governing the handling of children of imprisoned and incompetent parents
  25. The right of the government to seize property

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