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A list of good research paper topics for the English class

The really good piece of news about writing a research paper in the subject of English is that you have so much choice. There really is no end to the number of novels or non-fiction works or pieces of literature you are able to study and better still the ways you can approach this material. You would be really hard-pressed not to find a topic and an approach which really inspires you.

And don't forget it is the choice of topic which is so important and which drives you to write with enthusiasm and passion. Remember that a research paper does require you to show evidence of research. Obviously the English source material will be something with which you are super familiar but you also need to read the commentaries by others who have discussed the topic you have chosen. Show your teacher or professor, the examiner of your research paper, that you are up-to-date with anything and everything to do with your topic.

The broad to the specific

One of the recommended approaches to the writing of a research paper topic in the subject of English is to start with a broad and general view on the topic and then reduce your focus to a much more specific target. The general approach is when you choose for example a novel and then the specific approach is when you select a theme or aspect of the novel which you will research. It’s the book title first followed by the way you are going to research and write about that book. The more specific your approach, the better your research paper.

The choice of novel for example could be something which is part of your reading list or if you are given a free hand, simply a book which you have enjoyed or look forward to reading. The specific approach is when you choose an angle or theme to develop throughout your research paper.

Here are some possibilities or things you could consider for your English research paper topic. Remember you've already chosen the title of the book or the novel and the you need to choose the angle or approach to take. It could one of these.

  1. A comparison between characters.
  2. The political issues revealed throughout the book.
  3. The role of religion as seen throughout the book.
  4. The historical aspect of the book.
  5. What other commentators and critics have said about this book.
  6. Symbolism is revealed throughout the book.

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