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Tips to Easily Write an Intro for a Research Paper

Research papers can take months to complete. When it comes to dissertations, it can even take years to write. One of the most difficult parts of the process is starting with the introduction. Typically, introductions take up about half of the page of a research paper. They have to include supporting statements and a hypothesis. For the reader, this part of the paper sets the tone for everything that will follow. Due to this, writing a good introduction is one of the most important aspects of research paper writing.

Remember the Thesis

Within the middle or end of the introduction, students have to write their thesis statement. This sentence is the main topic that the entire paper is focused around. For longer research papers, several sentences may be needed to make the thesis.

Start With Supporting Information

Depending on the subject, an anecdote or interesting example can be used to grab the readers attention in the beginning of the paper. For most research papers, the opening sentences of the introduction should contain engaging background information. Few people are experts on every subject. Before they can understand why the thesis matters, the readers have to be able to contextualize it. For humanities papers, the best technique generally uses an inverted pyramid. Students start by writing generalized background information and then narrow down the focus by the end of the introduction.

Possible Introduction Ideas

When the first or second draft of the essay do not seem to work, individuals can always try new starter ideas for the introduction. Anecdotes, recent news stories or quotes can all be interesting beginnings for a research paper. Even recent debates about the topic can be used to contrast two different viewpoints. Students should remember, however, that their thesis and paper must add to the current body of knowledge. If a viewpoint has already been researched and argued exhaustively, students should consider finding a different research paper topic.

Evaluate the Writing

After the introduction is done, students should read through it to make sure that it sounds right. This should also be done after the paper is complete. As the paper is written, the topic may change slightly and the focus may become narrowed. Due to this, the hypothesis and introduction have to be revisited when the research essay is done. If it no longer forms a fluid transition to the rest of the paper, students should revise and edit it until the introduction is just right.

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