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Writing a thesis is tough work, but getting people to read it can be even tougher. This is where your thesis statement comes in handy. However, a lot of people can struggle to write an appropriate statement. Follow these simple tips and you’ll quickly improve your own statement, and get those readers reading.

  • Make it Snappy
  • Your statement shouldn’t be dull to read. You’re trying to give a reason for readers to continue, and if they struggle to understand your statement then they’ll struggle to continue on to the rest. Make your statement a little more light-hearted than the density of your paper. It’s ok so be a little loose with it. You’re goal is to hook readers in. Make them want to read more, don’t force them into submissiveness with a dull, rambling, boring statement.

  • It’s a Guideline, Not a Manual
  • Your statement shouldn’t be so specific. Your paper will go into the depth necessary for a reader to grasp the concepts, but your statement should just outline the various points you’ll be touching on. Don’t worry if they don’t get it, in fact if they hunger to understand then that’s even better. Just don’t make it deliberately cryptic. You want it to be the right balance between ‘Here’s what I’m doing’ and ‘Would you like to know more?’. Your statement should outline how you’re going to get from point A to point B to point C. Don’t go into too much detail, just mention there are various movement to your paper that the reader will be led down. Make it sound like a journey they want to go on. The paper itself will get into the nitty-gritty. Think of your statement as the appetiser. Just enough to tingle the taste buds, but not enough to fill them up. Make them hunger for more.

  • Have a Pivot Point
  • Your paper should have a central idea around which everything revolves. Your statement should highlight this. Whatever your idea is, find a way to wrap it up into one sentence and put it in your statement. Make it bold. Make it stand out. Make it grab the reader and pull them in. You want them to read it and feel challenged by it. If it’s controversial, then all the better. If they disagree with you they’ll be more likely to read on. They’ll want to know how you came to that conclusion and they’ll be looking for you to convince them.

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