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How To Write My Research Paper In A Day: 5 Great Suggestions

If you have a research paper to complete within a tight deadline, you will need to learn how to write faster and better. It’s possible to prepare a solid research paper in a day, if you understand what you need to do. The following 5 great suggestions were created in order to help students prepare their assignments quickly:

  1. Don’t overthink your topic.
  2. Finding a good topic shouldn’t become the biggest challenge in a writing process. It’s recommended to select an idea that you’re truly interested in. You should write potential ideas down, search relevant literature to ensure that you have an adequate amount of sources to develop a main statement, and then narrow a chosen topic down. Try to keep it simple and don’t procrastinate trying to find a perfect topic.

  3. Compose a paper’s outline.
  4. The outline should contain all topics and subtopics that you plan to write about. Remember, that it’s necessary to organize pieces of information in a logical manner; so you won’t confuse your readers. It’s best to write a draft of your outline as fast as you can; as it’s subject to change later. Use an outline template or sample if you don’t know how to prepare it.

  5. Prepare the content for each section of your outline.
  6. Expand topics and subtopics of your paper by adding thoughts, ideas, and explanations. Select vivid examples and try to stay as specific as possible. You’ll complete your text faster if you concentrate on writing a single subtopic at a time. It’s important to study the material you have carefully, analyze the data, and draw conclusions. In case you get stuck, you should try bypassing the problematic part. You can visit it later once you have new ideas.

  7. Don’t forget to credit your sources.
  8. You’ll save time if you cite as you write. Don’t hesitate to use special citing software to insert in-text citations and prepare a list of works cited. Make sure that you know which formatting style you should use. If you have any doubts, contact your classmates to ensure that you understand all of the requirements of your assignment.

  9. Edit and proofread your work before submission.
  10. Never submit your first draft. You should re-read your work in order to find and correct grammar and punctuation mistakes, misprints, and other inaccuracies. It’s a good idea to ask a friend or a family member to revise your research paper, as it’s easier to find mistakes in someone else’s writing.

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