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How To Write An Outstanding History Research Paper Step By Step

Writing a research paper does not have to be difficult. If you follow the steps below you are sure to tackle it head on without any problems, no matter the history topic you were assigned.

When you are writing an essay, there are a few key things that you should consider. Follow the tips below to ensure that the paper you write is top notch:

  • Answer the prompt properly. This seems rudimentary, but too few students ever review the prompt thoroughly and answer it accordingly. It is important that you answer the right prompt or respond to the right question, otherwise it could amount in a bad grade. It is important to refer back to the prompt or question throughout the writing process to make sure that you were on par with what was asked of you. It can be particularly useful to review the prompt and highlight any keywords such as “compare” or any narrowing words like “in the eighteenth century”. This will ensure you do not miss any key figures while you are working.
  • When you are writing, your goal is to ensure you have a great introduction right from the start. The introduction acts as a concise summary to the paper, providing the reader with a roadmap that they can follow as they are reviewing your paper. The introduction is not where you want to provide the reader with a great deal of background, and yet so many students do that. Instead of giving it to them all at once, take your time and give them “teasers” or small insight into what you are presenting in the paper. It is often advised that students begin with shorter sentences in the introduction, as this will try and force students to limit the amount of detail they include in the text. This also ensures clarity of thought and presents a more coherent purpose for the reader.
  • Create a plan before you start. This can be an outline, or just a rough sketch of the things you want to include in the paper. In any case, brainstorm the things you already know about the topic before you start writing. Gather your thoughts and mark off the key points you are going to cover. Remember, that you do not want to spend too ,much detail here or give away too much effort at the start.

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