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Excelling in crafting an APA format term paper

The college student knows the importance of APA formatted papers. It is one of the first things you have to learn when attending a university. Though it is different, it is not complicated to properly craft an APA formatted term paper. In a few easy steps, you can have that term paper perfectly formatted and ready to turn in.

What is APA format?

APA format is a particular style used to write college level term papers. It is the American Psychological Association style used by a large amount of colleges. The APA format has specific ways a paper must be written. We will cover the specific ways to format term papers according to the APA guidelines.

Guidelines for APA

  • Font
  • Running Head
  • Title Page
  • Main Body
  • In Text Citations
  • References

APA guidelines have specific ways to format a paper. To start with, the font needs to be set to Times New Roman at 12 point font size. The paper needs to be double-spaced with the first line indented. The information also includes a specific title page. The title page should contain a running head consisting of the title of the paper in all capital letters. The text should be center aligned with the title of the paper as the first line. It should also include the institute you are writing the paper for, your name, and the date.

Formatting the main body

The main body of your custom term paper should be double spaced with a first sentence indent for each paragraph. If the paper needs an abstract, it should be a basic outline of what the main body will cover and should come before the main body of the paper. The information in the main body should be original or paraphrased material with the proper in text citations. All material should give credit to the original source. A reference page should be the last page of the paper.

Formatting an APA style paper does not have to be a complicated task. By following the steps above, you can easily format your essay or term paper to fit the proper guidelines. Your essay should be clear and concise with a short abstract, a title page, the paper itself, and a reference page. If you are unsure of how the APA style should look, there are plenty of examples offered online. There are also online courses available if you wish to master the APA format.

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