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Ideas for argumentative research paper topics

To those who are unfamiliar with this style of writing, argumentative papers may be described as similar to debates. Rather than being conducted as a match between two teams, however, the paper is the work of a single writer who takes the time to fairly present both sides. In the selection of a topic to be addressed in this manner, the writer should ask him or herself the following questions:

Do I want to Argue this?

This question matters because some topics can raise discomfort in both the writer and the reader and thus be inappropriate.

Can I Argue this?

Some topics are difficult to find adequate research on or may require more time than was allotted to you as a writer. This means you have to look elsewhere.

Should I be arguing something else?

Sometimes you may think you have the perfect topic in mind but a little more thought would result in an even more promising topic. Encourage yourself not to stop short of the best topic just because you’ve already come up with a very good one.

The following topics represent a mix of different ideas that can be used in argumentative research papers.

  1. Is youth superior to experience in the workplace?
  2. Can Plant sources ever fully replace animal sources of protein?
  3. Is there a moral obligation to improve the lot of workers in textile factories?
  4. Should people with tattoos be allowed to give blood?
  5. Should teachers who excel in their fields be paid as well as athlete who excel in theirs?
  6. Would people benefit from avoiding all smart technology one day each week?
  7. Is it morally acceptable to reduce the populations of species that are only destructive to humans?
  8. Should Martial Arts training be mandatory?
  9. Will the majority of work be done online over the next decade?
  10. Should doomsday prophecies be taken seriously?
  11. Should users be allowed to opt out of software updates indefinitely?
  12. Can cats be trained?
  13. Does improperly planned mainstreaming of special needs children into the school system do more harm than good?
  14. Does the desexualization of people with disabilities still occur?
  15. Will women ever earn the same payment as their male counterparts doing the same job?

The topics above will meet all the criteria stated for some writers and none for others. In writing, there are as many perspectives as there are writers to express them so feel free to write what works best for you in the moment.

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