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Quick tips how to write a 5 paragraph research paper in a day only


Writing a 5 paragraph research paper can seem hard to begin with. At first it might seem overwhelming. There are some things that you can do to get it done in a day with ease. All you need is a system for doing the paper that you can adhere to and follow every time. Here are some things that can help you.

  • Have a solid point that you can write a lot about
  • Research thoroughly
  • Stay focused on the work

Have a solid point

Make sure that your topic is something that can make five paragraphs of work. Have a solid idea of what you want the paper to be about and ensure that you have a strong enough topic to last the whole paper with good points and that you know your points well. If your topic is solid enough you will have more than enough to last five paragraphs and you might even have information left over when you are done. A strong topic makes for a strong paper.

Research thoroughly

When it comes to a research paper you are going to want to do all of your research first. Write down the points that you want to make. Taking notes is an important part of research. Find all of the information that you’ll need and write down some things that will help you to write your paper, points that you want to focus on. Make sure that you have enough for five whole solid paragraphs.

Stay focused

When you are done with all of your research and you have all of your notes in front of you then you can get started on the actual writing. Don’t have the TV on or stop every few minutes for breaks. It is much easier to complete the task at hand all in one quick go instead of a lot of drawn out hard work. Being motivated all in one try is best. All you need is one paragraph of introduction where you state what the paper s about, three about the topic, each with their own subtopics, and a conclusion. The three paragraphs in the middle should be separate points about the topic as they are separated by the different paragraphs.


If you do all of these things than you should have a much easier time writing your paper.  A solid point will make the paper easier to write, the research will help you write it well and the focus will help you to knock it out quickly.

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