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As every student who has graduated from college or is going to might be aware, term papers are an important part of one’s curriculum. Provided usually at the beginning of the semester, term papers are essentially a thesis or research papers that the student is required to work on in the duration of the semester or summer holidays. For college students, term papers make up for a majority of their final grade. Therefore, one simply cannot afford to take them leisurely.

However, writing term papers is not always as daunting as it might sound. The student usually has the liberty to choose a topic and write on it, preferably under the guidance of a mentor. In spite of that, many students find themselves at crossroads when it comes to choosing a topic for their thesis. Everything either seems too difficult or too boring. Therefore, here are some tips on how to choose researchable topics for term papers:

Decide what method of data collection you are most comfortable with:

  • There are various methods to collect information for a research paper. You might be more comfortable with sitting at home and studying cases and books, or with going out and exploring the field.
  • Thus, you need to be completely sure of the research method you want to employ, which will help you narrow down the list of topics.

Read literature:

  • Some people argue that employing this method takes the originality and creativity out of a paper, as the student will basically be elaborating on someone else’s study. However, that is not entirely true.
  • When you are using literature as your basis, you should take care and try to utilize the information in a new and creative way. Attempt to give what has already been written a new angle.

Watch out for the Media:

  • There is no topic in the world that has not been covered by the media at some point. Thus, keep an eye out for media reports on the subject that you want to choose a topic from, and you might get some interesting insights.

Consult Experts:

  • You can approach a concerning faculty or teacher, or even attend seminars with lectures on topic. Experts will provide you with a fresh view of the subject and thus give provide ideas for a topic.

Always remember that what matters with a term paper is how well it is written, and not whether the topic itself is creative or not. Do not hanker after a topic different than other’s and end up producing a substandard piece. Sometimes, choosing simple, straightforward topics and elaborating on them in an organized and selected way works better than presenting a confusing and disorganized paper.

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