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A List Of Great Finance Term Paper Topics To Choose From

Commerce students have to take on financial term papers during their semesters. These papers have to offer a professional and neat presentation of the economical state of things; whatever topic the student may choose.

Deft research

The student has to do deft research, cover the bases and enquire into certain unexplored territories for solutions. He has to seek a Utopian model of finance, so to speak. Here are 10 finance term paper topics that merit attention –

  1. An essay on Asian financial markets – This will bring out the facts about the unsteadiness in Asian market. The expansionism of China and rise of Japan coupled with the roadblocks that Russia face. There is also scope for a country which is developing at a fast rate; India.
  2. Market regulation – This will be a term paper discussing the layers of regulations that ought to be imposed on the global markets. The trick is to create seamlessness in the system.
  3. Will USA be able to sustain its economy after a third push – USA survived the Great Depression. It also scraped through the 2008 recession. Is USA armed to take on a third fluctuation like that?
  4. A comment on the most glorious economies of today – Australia – Right from the gold boom years and then to mining to construction, Australia has continued to impress. The term paper will discuss its future financial movements.
  5. How can African financial status be salvaged – Africa is rich is resources but for many, it is still the Dark Continent. Is there a way to salvage its financial position?
  6. Financial organization – This is a deep-set topic which invites inquiry from different perspectives and a thorough grounding of the subject.
  7. Was the medieval method of market maintenance ideal – The markets may not have been global at that time, but they were mostly self-sufficient. The term paper will be a look into the tide of those times.
  8. How to stop the system of taking succor from tax havens – Most enterprises sneak into Bahamas, Monaco and Switzerland to avoid taxes or at least lessen them considerably. What should be the steps taken to stop the process?
  9. A shrewd financial concept – Let the student come with an imaginative financial concept of great value and present it in a compact manner. Acute research will go into the term paper.
  10. The role of Central Banks – The paper would assess the strengths of policies laid by Central Banks and where they are taking undue advantage of their positions. It will tend to offer solution.

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