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Finding great topics for term papers: instructions for beginners

Term papers are a super important thing to be aware of, as they often are a major part of the grade for a semester or class. It is imperative for your success that you be able to write a good paper and in order to write a good paper you need to have a good topic, or better yet, a great topic. Great topics, of course, are hard to come by, but with a little creativity and ingenuity, you will not have anything to worry about.

Finding a topic, or even a broad focus, can be overwhelming at first. As always, this sort of thing can be overcome by slowing down and breaking the problem into small pieces. What do you know about? What are your interests? What is it about the class or subject that you are studying interests you? This is going to be the base part of the inspiration. If you can't figure out anything at all, just pick a broad subject that's related to what the class is studying- remember, a good writer can write a paper about most things, just try to pick something general. From here you can go into all sorts of directions, but you should probably do some basic background information on your topic so you are aware of what to talk about.

Once you have a broad area of research, there is the task of picking what exactly it is you want to talk about. There are two concerns here: the academic and the pragmatic. Of course you should want to research something that interests you; writing about something that bores you is likely to bore your audience as well. But you always want to make sure you have something that gives you enough resources to talk about your subject- likely, you'll want to find a specific question that needs to be answered. A question, mind you, that a lot of people are talking about- then you use the information from your research to generate an answer.

And that's where you can get a topic from, you have an question that interests you, and an answer that has meaning. Here, of course, there is the additional benefit that at this point you have gathered sources and knowledge of your topic already- plenty of legwork for you paper is done for you. From there, you can tweak and modify your topic as you continue to research and write. But you'll have your topic chosen, and you'll definitely be taking a step in the right direction.

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