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How To Create A Successful Sociology Research Paper Conclusion

Writing a sociology research paper might appear a difficult task. Sociologists often deal with statistics, reports, and polls. It means that they have to use their analyzing abilities. Therefore, having completed the main body of your paper, you will strive to make a decent conclusion. The reason is that some people actually read only this part of the text.

Thus, if you want to create a good impression on readers, pay special attention to the conclusion. To make your work easier, here are some tips on how to create a successful research paper ending:

  1. Summarize main points and draw conclusions.
  2. You should repeat what you have already written in the main body. However, do not retell everything. Describe what you discovered. In addition, indicate what the aim of your work was. Write whether the goal was completed.

  3. Describe the benefits of your research.
  4. Let the readers know about the practical use of your findings. Mention how your results contribute to the existing body of sociology knowledge. Explain how your findings comply with, contradict, or pose a challenge to current views in sociology.

  5. Don’t be afraid to write about limitations.
  6. Mention what hasn’t been covered so far. Explain what constraints prevented you from fulfilling certain tasks. It might be very useful to other researchers working in the same field. Still, avoid ending your paper with objections. Remember that small hitches do not diminish the value of your whole work.

  7. Remain consistent.
  8. Make sure your final statements comply with what you have written in the main body. Avoid contradicting your own words previously in the text.

  9. Describe controversial issues.
  10. Indicate where ambiguities might occur. Explain why other interpretations of your results are inappropriate. Remember to prove your point of view with strong arguments. Make a statement, and then support it with reliable data.

  11. Write about further studies.
  12. Describe how the topic may be developed in future. Indicate in what way your study might be a basis for potential research.

  13. Make a powerful ending.
  14. Accomplish your work with a strong paragraph or sentence. Show that your research is valuable and beneficial. Inspire the reader and make him interested in the field. Remember that your task is to show the findings, as well as to refer to further development of the chosen branch of sociology.

Follow the above-mentioned guidelines in order to prepare a decent conclusion to your research paper. Keep in mind that your last lines might be crucial.

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