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How To Write An Introduction For A Term Paper

The introduction to any term paper is the most crucial aspect, which not only narrows down the scope of the field of research but also explains rationale behind the approach considered. Thinking of the term paper as some inverted pyramid, one can perceive the introduction as wide overview which terminates in the thesis that constitutes final element of one’s term paper.

Brevity of the Paper

The introduction does not need to prescribe to any word limit but one must make efforts to make it concise. Usually, it is the trickiest part of the entire paper and most scientists or researchers tend to write it in the end, taking care not to miss out any major points.

Leading Your Readers

A good introduction must explain how one would proceed in solving the term paper issue and tends to “lead” the readers to delve in your work. One of the ways of writing an effective introduction to a term paper is to assume that the paper would be aimed at readers with efficient working knowledge of the particular field. For example, while writing a term paper on “evolutionary adaptations”, one may not give details of Darwin’s theories, as this is the common knowledge. Similarly any paper of behavioral patterns may only mention Freud or Pavlov in passing, as they are essential theorists in the same field.

Background of Proposed Theory

The introduction sets the background to the term paper giving it a context and portraying how the paper fits with previous research on the topic. The first paragraph of the introduction can also bring out the historical narration from the first research to the current theories of the field. But it is important to stick to essentials and be concise.

Basis of the Term Paper

Importance of the introduction is the lead towards rationale intended in the research either building on previous works or improving the earlier theories, which had unclear results. The section can then enumerate the ways in which the gaps would be filled, by laying the objectives as well as methodology behind the paper.

Assumption of the Experiments

Assumptions concerning conditions of your paper may also be highlighted at the very beginning in the introduction. One must set the basic principles at the start of the experiment – similarly the term paper would be construed around certain assumptions. In the end, one must keep the introduction short, organized and one which clearly defines the problem at hand.

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