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Management Topics For Your Research Paper: Top 10 Fresh Ideas

You’ve been set an assignment and you’re dreading getting started on it. In fact, you don’t even have your theme picked out yet! Don’t fret – many students approach a new assignment with trepidation. Below are some thoughts that will help you choose the right direction for your paper.

  1. Choose to be cutting edge.
  2. You want to look as up-to-date as possible, so choose an issue which is current and relevant.

  3. Be innovative.
  4. New technology and the global society has changed so much over the last decade that you may even be able to find something you can come at from a different angle which your audience will not have considered before.

  5. Narrow the field.
  6. Choose to be specific rather than general. You will have more of a chance to do the investigation justice.

  7. Look at ethics and corporate responsibility.
  8. Many management issues appear at first glance to cause ethical dilemmas, and these will provide some interesting issues for your work.

  9. Consider your audience.
  10. You need a topic which is compelling to your audience. Who will be reading your work? What is their background?

  11. Choose something of personal interest.
  12. If you are not interested in your subject matter it will seem like hard work. And if the work you complete for the assignment feeds into the area of study you intend to make your career, so much the better.

  13. Consider your conclusions.
  14. Before you start even your preliminary inquiry, have an idea of where you believe it will lead, but be flexible. Be ready to adjust your thinking as your work unfolds.

  15. Read other assignments.
  16. Have a look at the work others have done, the themes they chose and the conclusions they came to – and don’t be afraid of starting where they left off and taking them further.

  17. Have credible sources.
  18. It is, after all, a research assignment. Choose an area of focus that you know you can confidently back up. If you can’t find credible sources for your argument, you need to switch topics and not waste any more time with it.

  19. Consider your word count
  20. This is important even before you’ve picked your topic, the reason being that some themes will take many more words to really do them justice, and a quick summary won’t allow you to show off your skills.

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